The brand new medal understands a good contributions to basic geophysics and unselfish cooperation for the look

The brand new medal understands a good contributions to basic geophysics and unselfish cooperation for the look

Keiiti Aki

Keiiti Aki try granted the 2004 William Bowie Medal from the AGU Fall Appointment Remembers Ceremony, that was kept towards the , for the San francisco, Ca.


Kei Akis medical studies have offered the latest frontiers away from seismology getting half a century. The guy developed new electronic processing away from seismic data to help you infer Planet design and you will qualities of your quake resource. A lot of what we discover high earthquakes pursue out-of their works.

He had been the first to ever level seismic time (towards 1964 Niigata earthquake); Aki second keeps because the replaced Richter magnitude given that basic scale off earthquake dimensions. He discover might scaling rules to possess seismic spectra you to definitely resolved inconsistencies certainly various other magnitude balances, and then he proposed real types of earthquakes to own heterogeneous fault rupture. That it really works shared significantly to both very first understanding of brand new rupture processes and also the fundamental understanding of good surface moves.

The guy elucidated the newest sprinkling and attenuation process you to definitely regulate the fresh propagation from high-regularity seismic surf, of which the guy derived the new suggestions for computing disturbance size, sprinkling withdrawals, and you will inherent attenuation variables. The guy demonstrated, by way of example, that inherent attenuation need to fall off at the large wavelengths.

The guy set-up of many unique techniques for describing areas of seismic swells, together with free-oscillation breaking, Gaussian beams, and you can boundary built-in methods. Within the for each and every instance, he and his awesome students efficiently put these types of strategies to pull this new kind of guidance out-of seismograms.

The guy pioneered travelling-time tomography as an easy way to examine lithospheric build underneath heavy seismic arrays, publishing seminal documents almost a decade prior to their prevalent app to help you internationally seismology. The guy mainly based the brand new seismological views for the eruptive process, including the relationships off seismicity and you can harmonic tremor so you can magma injection and you may emergence. The guy understood blame-area guided waves and you will utilized its propagation properties to constrain the fresh new depth and suppleness of your ruin zones around problems.

As the unbelievable because abbreviated checklist may appear (alot more information can easily be additional), it does not express Keis true feeling inside geoscience society. The guy virtually authored the ebook Decimal Seismology, one particular influential book and you may reference tips guide regarding reputation for industry, which he coauthored having Paul Richards for the 1980.

Because the a teacher and you will advisor, he entrained of a lot brilliant pupils inside the quest knowing the latest energetic Earth, generating more than fifty Ph.D.s whom today occupy key positions during the seismology international. Their success for the at the rear of younger boffins stems to some extent in the depth away from his facts, and also out-of his exceptional private properties-charm, laughs, and you can a deep regard for the balance and poetry of the natural business.

Keis hushed leadership inside seismology has showed the new subtlety and you can power out of unselfish collaboration when you look at the browse. He has got held of many positions: chairman of your Seismology Part of AGU, president of one’s Seismological Community from The united states, couch of your own NAS Panel into the Seismology.

However, his greatest management completion was the manufacture of this new Southern area California Disturbance Cardiovascular system inside 1991. As its beginning manager, Kei articulated a plans to possess SCEC in which the evaluation by the disciplinary doing work organizations might possibly be woven with her into a network-peak ‘master model getting earthquake possibilities and exposure into the Southern area California. The property owner-model design triggered of many enhances inside seismic threat data, for instance the incorporation from GPS studies toward a lot of time-label quake forecasting, and it continues to guide the latest increasing SCEC cooperation.

Specific researchers loom therefore high within their industries that people must recipient of the William Bowie Medal, is one of all of our monsters.


William Bowie, once whom brand new Bowie medal is called, try distressed from the looking away from seismologists during the early 1920s you to earthquakes are occurring during the deepness regarding almost 1,one hundred thousand kilometer, because he had been located in a harmonious field of isostasy, the spot where the Earths indoor is within hydrostatic harmony below the 100-kilometer thick crust.

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