Dancers Vyjayanthi Kashi and Prateeksha Kashi regarding the relationship the mother-daughter duo stocks off and on the phase

Dancers Vyjayanthi Kashi and Prateeksha Kashi regarding the relationship the mother-daughter duo stocks off and on the phase

The duo walks straight straight straight straight down memory lane to provide insights in their personalities, approach to function and an appraisal that is critical of other being a Kuchipudi artiste

Vyjayanthi Kashi and Prateeksha Kashi share a relationship which has had numerous factors: guru and shishya, co-performers on phase and mom and child. Whenever Prateeksha performed a Kuchipudi solamente during the Soorya Festival when you look at the Parampara show, where young dancers spend their tribute with their experts, and Vyjayanthi dparampara — the tradition — alive.

A conversation that is free-flowing the duo had not been just a stroll down memory lane but in addition offered insights in their characters, approach to your workplace and a crucial assessment for the other as a Kuchipudi artiste.

Vyjayanthi used Kuchipudi at time as soon as the trained in as well as the training for the dance kind ended up being restricted primarily to Andhraites. The dancer, who had learnt Bharatanatyam, desired to pursue a different party field. Using motivation from an aunt that has pursued Odissi, Vyjayanthi chose to discover the party the russian bride 2016 type. She later made a decision to train under Kuchipudi Guru CR Acharya after viewing him perform Chitra Natyam.

“He used to phone me personally their dance daughter! ” says Vyjayanthi by having a laugh, as she remembers the experts whom moulded her — Ramanna, Vedantam Prahlada Sarma, Korada Narasimha Rao, Satyanarayana Sarma and Vempatti Chinnasatyam amongst others.

For Prateeksha, it absolutely was a story that is different. She have been viewing and dance that is absorbing her house. Nonetheless, whenever it stumbled on learning a party type, her mom left the decision to her — and her option had been Odissi! “But I found it too tough to discover; the instructor was strict and irregular. Thus I made a decision to provide it a miss, ” says Prateeksha, who went back into Kuchipudi.

Although in the beginning she ended up being playful and nasty during her classes, seeing a lot more of her mom into the Guru, she matured to the part of a student that is serious the years.

Vyjayanthi Kashi and daughter Prateeksha Kashi | Photo Credit: Unique arrangement

Now, being title to consider, so how exactly does Prateeksha see by by by herself? “I am nevertheless attempting to soak up whenever you can from my mom. While preparing a brand new manufacturing, she constantly seeks my views and lets me experiment. In the minute, i will be thrilled to take motivation from her work. This woman is overseeing could work I can venture on my own, ” says Prateeksha until I get a firm foothold, when.

Vyjayanthi has established unique productions that feature the mother-daughter duo. One of those, on the basis of the colour red, had been presented recently in the usa and Canada. “Red evokes emotions that are different’ says Prateeksha, elaborating regarding the theme. “The red bindi plus the gown associated with bride evoke shringara, while for small Prahlada, the red bloodstream gushing out of Hiranyakashyap, killed by Narasimha, create fear, bhayanaka. Therefore, for the presentation, we linked red to the navarasas. ”

‘Antaranga tharanga’ is a manufacturing on the basis of the theme of motherly love. This dance takes on another hue altogether when performed by the mother and the daughter with Sita and her mother, Bhoomi Devi, as the main characters.

Doing together

Therefore, what is it truly like to execute together on phase? There was synergy that is tremendous agrees the duo. “Sometimes, we notice Prateeksha emoting in brand brand new methods which come as a surprise that is delightful” claims Vyjayanthi, incorporating that each and every pupil has her/his very very very very own unique means of expressing a bhava.

The aspect that she admires many in her own child could be the lasya inside her party. “This could very well be whereas I have been trained mostly by male gurus and the thandava comes easily to me, ” says Vyjayanthi because she has a female guru. She continues on to state that she really loves her daughter’s subtlety and also the nuances she offers to her expressions.

Prateeksha, on her behalf component, admires her mother’s spontaneity that often challenges her whenever she carries out alongside. She additionally appreciates involvement that is vyjayanthi’s any character, from the comfort of whenever a production is conceptualised. “She should be thinking, getting a few variations associated with the script and accepting it only if it reflects just what she would like to convey, ” says Prateeksha.

One notices the component of spirituality and philosophical insights that Vyjayanthi imparts to her productions. “It arises from my experience. The virtue and goodness besides, the very purpose of art is to convey the sattva. Without sattva, there’s absolutely no party. The things I attempt to do is always to have a religious subject and interpret it in a modern manner to contact the viewers, ” concludes Vyjayanthi.

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